Luise Sicily Events Department

For centuries the sea has brought a multitude of populations to Sicily: Greeks, Romans, French, Spanish, Arabs...
Each has left a particular imprint on the fabric of the culture of this island and their influence can be felt in all aspects of local culture, local traditions and cuisine. In Sicily, each wave that breaks upon the shore marks a piece of history on the island and in just stepping foot on the island one soaks up the historical importance of this island. From Greek temples to medieval castles, from Renaissance villa to the spectacular nature, there is something for everyone to explore and visit.
For those arriving by water, the Luise Sicily Events department is available to organize any type event, from the small and intimate to the grand and elaborate. From historic venues to traditional folklore your guests can visit, exclusively, any century or culture.
With great attention to detail and the highest standards of professionalism and courtesy, the events department is available to re-create scenes from Greek mythology or Medieval festivals, complete with Baroque styles banquets in extraordinary locations.
All of our events are tailor made to the very last detail especially for you.