The development of nautical tourism must not neglect Sicily, which is one of the most important destinations of the Mediterranean for its cultural and natural beauty.

From the beginning of the Nineties, an increasing number of international guest asked Luise Group to introduce the Island among its cruise itineraries and to combine a network of  services and accommodation facilities allowing the mega yachts to sail and stop along the coasts.

The lack of harbours suitable for tourists and the lack of relevant receptive capacity, makes the project in Sicily a real challenge, that the group undertakes with willpower. Starting to operate in the main Sicilian ports through representative Registered Agents guarantee expertise and consistent excellences to the guests.

Confirming the great capability of the market and obtaining the interest from the Authorities and local entrepreneurs, in 2005 the Group founded Luise Associates Sicily S.r.l., joined by local partners. Today Luise Associates Sicily has offices in Riposto, Siracusa, Palermo, Trapani and sub-agencies in Messina and Lipari.

The office in Riposto is the coordinating office for the marketing activities, projects development, public relation with Authorities, Institution and local entrepreneurs.

Next to the agency in Riposto, a wine bar  “W.A.L.” has been created to promote and give the opportunity to its guest to taste the highest quality of local and international products.

Yachting in Sicily and the surrounding islands, although still in the early stages,  promising efforts of both local entrepreneurs and local Council support. A select investment properly managed can greatly increase the economic development of tourism.

The mission and vision of Luise Group is to promote Sicily to the international market of luxury yachting, not just as a place of passage or as a technical stop, but mainly as a destination for independent cruising.